Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Insurance - Why We Buy Life Insurance

Almost everyone will need a will. There are some differences between a will and a trust. Whether or not you need a will or trust will depend upon your situation.

And I will Leave You with This gem And this Advice: Never, ever answer an ad with a headline you can't understand. Check this out: "+ Millionaires Produced? final expense insurance Agents Leads In-House." The text of the ad is no clearer, unfortunately. It's a sales position, but it is not clear whether "health/dental" applies to benefits for the salesperson, or whether that is the product being sold. And the "exotic trips" part of it is really intriguing.

If you have an estate large enough to be subject to estate tax, a CRT may work better for you than a 1031-TIC structure. With the CRT, the asset is, for tax purposes, removed from your estate on account of you giving up control of it. Since the asset is no longer in your estate, it is no longer subject to estate tax when you die. The remainder goes to a charity instead of your heirs though so you should have a charitable bent for this option to work in your favor.

What's the result of all this? Well when you do die then your estate doesn't have an inherent repayment right therefore the asset no longer exists to the estate and is therefore no longer taxed.

Back when I was in active practice, my mother-in-law didn't want to ask me to work on her estate plan. She didn't want to bother me. So, she went to one of the free estate planning and living trust seminars we often see advertised in the paper.

I then told her to go to the legal affairs office at the military base (she is retired military) and have them draw up a simple will along with the durable general powers of attorney for health care and financial decision making.

It is important for every person to have a term insurance. No matter how young or old you are having a TheInsuranceLife of this type has scores of benefits. Since accidents are always foreseen it is best to get term life insurance so that your loved ones do not have to suffer in case of your demise.

At first glance this list may seem offensive, like you are under attack by these institutions. In reality, they are simply running a business and trying to make a profit, and if you were in their shoes, you would follow the exact same list. So let's look at each of these a little more closely and discuss how you can use this knowledge when choosing a financial advisor.

There is a light at the dark end of the hopeless tunnel wherein we're trapped. We can look directly into the light of Gratefulness and take back our hope and our dream. It only takes thirty days to form a new habit. Each morning when we wake we thank God for our blessings and the blessings that await us that day. Each night before sleeping we thank God for our blessings and our blessings to come. Within thirty days we will see a significant change in our lives. Gratefulness works. Go on give it a try.

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