Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Budget Saving Tips For Your Party Hostess

These days life has become hectic for both men and women due to the professional and personal commitments. The only time they unwind themselves is during the weekends. People in UK mostly look to parties like both stag and hen parties during the weekend. And these kinds of parties occur a lot during the weekend.

The Dark Horse Saloon is a spacious two level sports bar designed to supply great food and drinks in a comfortable fun atmosphere. The bottom level of the bar has three separate rooms for dining with various flat screen televisions displaying your favorite sporting event. There is a fully stocked wooden bar in the main room offering a variety of draft beers, bottle beers, mixed drinks and top shelf liquors. The menu offers an array of appetizers such as nachos, potato skins and over 30 flavors of chicken wings that are sure to sooth even the biggest of appetites. The bar even has a full size pool table in the main room for those wishing to test their billard skills.

There are more ways to continue your business learning than just attending entrepreneurial classes. Stay updated on your industry and beyond by reading blogs, books, newspapers and magazine. Other great ways to expand your mind: listen to interviews, turn on an audiobook, and tune into a podcast.

Claim Jumper's Happy Hour offers various drink specials including well drinks, off wine by the glass, and featured baseball ice ball mold are only .95. They have a great selection of mixed drinks including the Tropical Hooter, the June Bug, and the Lemon Drop Martini which are all tasty and affordable. In addition, the restaurant offers three of their own beers including the CJ Hefeweizen, Red Ale, and Honey Blonde Ale. The Red Ale in particular is very good.

Some of your obstacles will include: getting mugged, running out of money, having to pick between hanging out with your roommate or going out with your ideal guy, waiting for your late blind date or going for the exceptional bartender who has been hitting on you all night.

Measuring Spoons: Measuring spoons are necessary to measure anything from juice to sugar to syrup and salt. Standard measuring spoons just like the ones used in most kitchens are perfect for the home bar.

I noticed a common trend when I worked behind the bar at the strip club. Guys would come into the club sober. It would take them a few rounds before I could get them to start warming up to me. Once they got enough liquid courage, they would leave the bar and hit the floor looking for company. It wasn't until these guys were comfortable (and loaded up with liquor) that they would show me the love too. What would start off as tipping a dollar a drink would quickly turn into 2 or 3 dollars per drink. If they were sitting with a girl, the tips would increase even more. Who wants to look like a cheapskate in front of a pretty girl in her underwear?

Feel free to let me know any of your customer pet peeves (I'm sure there are many!). Ultimately, bartending can be a huge blast as long as everyone is friendly and, at times, a little patient. Even though I have some pet peeves, I always enjoy being in the bar.

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