Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Seo Tips For Your Personal Wordpress Blog

When it comes to blogging you have a choice - blog for money or blog for passion. If you're blogging for passion then there's no point in paying for web hosting and a domain name - simply set-up a blog with Blogger or WordPress. Below are the 7 steps to setting up a blogger blog.

After the would be marketer has joined their affiliate program how do they promote it? Promoting something requires exposure for the product or service. Long term exposure is created by having your own website and blog. A simple search on the Internet will provide you with these two tools and just to cut back on time on your sake use 110mb and weebly. 110mb is free web hosting and weebly is free blog hosting. You could use blogger or some other already setup service but this is just for practice and learning the ropes. They are both free and easy to setup once you visit their sites.

If you're looking for a free hosting service to host WordPress, the best solution for you would probably be hosting. I recommend this option because it is 100% free and from WordPress itself! The WordPress platform automatically comes with the free web hosting service from (as the name suggests) and you won't have to worry about all the complications of web hosting (name servers, updates, mysql databases, etc.)! Plus, setup is a breeze and you get to choose your own domain (has to be a subdomain of though). Trust me, free WordPress hosting doesn't getting any better than!

What makes you and your design style unique is what will keep your readers coming back for more! Are you an interior designer who loves making a small space more functional? Or would you rather post pictures of how to make everyday furniture modish? You could also blog about interior design trend spotting or high style. Deciding whether you would like to showcase your work with photography and write a small caption or write full design articles is a good place to begin. Blogging takes time and dedication, so if you are not writing about what you absolutely love then you could burn yourself out. You know your style; don't be afraid to put it out there.

Class C IP addresses are what SEO makes use of, and this form of IPs have started from locations of different sort. Your very own website can improve its rankings in search engine results mainly because of the diversity of the origins of these IPs. Your host will then render a control panel to assist you with this mainly because coming to terms with such a number of Class C servers can be a daunting job. You will have less trouble in managing your domains with the presence of this control panel software. This can allow you to centre your attention on the enhancements of your website too.

There are so very many free ways to market your business online that spending money on expensive ads almost seems silly, especially in the beginning. Websites like MySpace, Craigslist, Backpage, Twitter, Forums, YouTube, They needed to read the wordpress hosting reviews at the site, and a whole host of other popular sites will give you lots of prospects if you know how to use them to your advantage.

WordPress is configured to create duplicate content and unless you make some changes it will happen on your blog too. This is something to avoid as the search engines do not like duplicate content. If you want a full explanation then watch the video link at the bottom of the blog post. In order to solve the problem you can do the following: Go to Tools? Redirection? Modules (Redirection is the plugin we installed earlier).

When Wordpress has been installed on the new domain, you are ready to create your blog. Free Wordpress themes are available, so you can change the look and feel of your blog. I normally use a free Wordpress themes provider called It includes hundreds of themes for various topics, so you have plenty of choices. Wordpress has additional functions called plugins so you can customize your blog whatever way you like. Finally, you can now start posting on your new blog.

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