Sunday, March 24, 2013

Steve Wozniak, Speaking To The Denver Apple Pi Club In 1984, On College Pranks, Building The Apple I & II, And The Apple Pledge Of Allegiance

vincepattonvideowoz"I pledge allegiance to the logo of corporate marketing in Cupertino. And to the computers for which it stands: One notion, under Jobs, indispensable, for hardware and software for all." Steve Wozniak, to the Denver Apple Pi Computer Club in 1984. And that video above is just a funny anecdotes. TUAW reader Vince Patton pointed the Apple fan site to 14 insightful videos he uploaded to YouTube of Steve Wozniak talking to the Denver Apple Pi Club in 1984. As TUAW notes, they're a treasure trove of first hand accounts into the formation of Apple, the creation of the Apple I and II, and Woz's college antics.



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